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Paul Taylor - CEO Webmarketing123

Paul Taylor - CEO Webmarketing123

Founded in 2004 by Paul Taylor (CEO), Webmarketing123 is an internet marketing firm that delivers comprehensive services of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising and Social Media Marketing (SMM) in an integrated manner.

Webmarketing123’s approach begins with diving deeply into a business and its goals, integrating the strategies and delivering bottom line results in the form of increased ROI; all the while keeping a close eye on the industry and competition.

Analysis, Integration, Education and Bottom Line results are the four key elements that drive all actions of Webmarketing123. While the Analysis process seeks to scrutinize every little nuance of a client’s website and its functionality, it also aims to understand the best way to convert a website’s visitors into customers.This end can be effectively achieved through the integration of the SEO, PPC and Social Media marketing strategies.  Further, itis a long drawn virtue at Webmarketing123 to lead by educating both the team and the client to help them understand and buy into theseprocesses. Webmarketing123 has beenacknowledged for hosting many knowledge oriented and informative webinars related to the field of online marketing on a regular basis. The company has conducted webinars on various topics, such as ‘4 Secrets to SEO Copywriting done right’, ‘Converting SEM into quality leads, ‘Why your competitors are Outranking you’, ‘Powerful Link Building Strategies that Work’ and ‘Social Influence on SEO’.

A ‘BBB’ accredited internet marketing firm with an A rating, allotted in the year 2007, the reviews for Webmarketing123 reflect its principal commitment to converting a client’s online visibility into measurable results. By staying on top of the changes in the algorithms and processes to give their client’s a competitive edge, Webmarketing123 consistently analyzes and improves upon every SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing effort. Recognizing the shift in internet marketing patters, the ability to inculcate changes adroitly and execute timely results is at the heart of Webmarketing123’s efforts.


About Webmarketing123
Webmarketing123 is an internet marketing firm based in Emeryville, California. The firm helps business to gain better online visibility on various search engines. Other facilities provided by the company include Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Campaign Management and Online Reputation Management Servives.

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