Webmarketing123 – Now a ‘Marin Software Certified Agency’

Webmaketing123, the leading digital marketing agency from Bay Area, California, has been accorded with the title of being a Marin Software Certified Agency. With this recognition, Webmarketing123 stands to leverage its services with improved campaign performance and financial returns that Marin Software’s leading online ad management platform helps to provide.

Webmarketing123 is one of the foremost digital marketing agencies, with the objective of helping clients convert online visibility into measurable results. It is known to apply an approach which is customizable to bring together the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) into an integrated whole that leads to creation of remarkable, results-driven online marketing programs. Webmarketing123’s approach is powered by a deep expertise in increasing online visibility, creating and executing effective online advertising campaigns, and delivering measurable results. In an effort to improve the performance of their customers’ campaigns, Webmarketing123 brought into force Marin Software – one of industry’s leading integrated platform for managing search, display, and social media marketing. After undergoing rigorous training and certification process to join the Marin Software Certified Agency Program, Webmarketing123 is now accredited with the program honor that ensures Webmarketing123’s clients benefit from the full campaign optimization capabilities that stem from Webmarketing123’s industry skills in accord with Marin Software.  It will also drive focus on the strategic growth of an ad program.

Webmarketing123 has augmented its standing to an escalated level following Marin’s accreditation to become a brusquer, linear and a broad-scoped digital marketing firm. Its strategic acumen coined with improved efficiencies and financial lift from Marin Software will ensure clients enhanced campaign results and a more comprehensive view of campaign activities. Webmarketing123 has seen an immediate financial boost to its clients’ bottom line after enabling Marin’s advanced bidding algorithms. Furthermore, the ability to track, report, and manage multiple channels has been largely simplified to help clients gauge the campaign activities better and with ease.


About Webmarketing123
Webmarketing123 is an internet marketing firm based in Emeryville, California. The firm helps business to gain better online visibility on various search engines. Other facilities provided by the company include Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Campaign Management and Online Reputation Management Servives.

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