Make Your Website Google Panda Proof

Google periodically makes changes to its search algorithm, and the most recent update was that of Google Panda. The Panda update is Google’s attempt to provide relevant search results to its users.

Google’s search algorithm is affected by several factors, which include number of back links to a website, source of back links, page loading time, on-site optimization factors, etc. The search team’s job is to track all the changing factors and tweak them to provide accurate search results. Google Panda belongs to the set of tweaks that Google has made for their search algorithm, so that the search results are devoid of spam and low quality websites.

You can find if your website has been affected by the Panda Update or not, by checking your Google Analytics Dashboard around the date February 22nd, 2011. Several websites noticed a drop in traffic but some webmasters noted an increase in traffic.

If you want to make your website Google Panda proof, you need to focus on certain factors so that the Panda does not hamper your website traffic.

Keep in mind that this new update is a site wide penalty. It means that if a single page on your website is identified to have duplicate content, your whole website will be penalized. The Panda update is more human centric, meaning that, Google will love and prefer your website, if it is readable and appealing to a real human.

We have enlisted some simple steps to make your website Panda proof. Firstly, ask an old person to scroll through your website. Check if he finds your website user friendly or does he face problems to find information on your website. Then, reduce the number of duplicate content pages on your website. If content on two different pages on your website is overlapping, merge them and delete the irrelevant content to avoid being penalized for duplicate content. Lastly, it is not the quantity of the content but the quality which matters to the Panda.

The Google Panda update is a major update to Google’s search engine algorithm. In order to make your website Panda proof, you not only need to impress Google’s spider but also need to make it more user friendly.



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