Google’s New Algorithm Adds Freshness to Faster Results

Google’s search algorithm is going through a new change which aims at providing ‘fresher’ search results. Apart from displaying fresher results, Google intends to change results for about 35% of all searches. Google moved over to the caffeine infrastructure last year, which helped Google index and crawl faster; thus providing faster search results. Now, it plans to add freshness to its fast search results.

The Google Panda update affected 12% of the searches conducted and this new update expects to impact 35% of the searches. The search results that are likely to be affected are the recent events, regularly recurring events and frequent updates. If you search for recent events or hot topics, Google will display the most recent news, which is only about a minute old.

Certain events happen regularly on a periodic basis, like conferences and seminars. If you are looking for information about conferences, the latest conference details will be displayed on the Google’s result page, instead of a conference which took place 50 years ago. Some products are constantly updated, and newer versions are launched frequently. If you are searching for the best car or camera in the market, Google will present to you the most up to date information regarding the same.

Presenting fresh content to Google users is not a new concept for Google. Its content ranking factor based on freshness dates back to the year 2007. The only difference is that the freshness will impact one out of three results now. Google says that the change is providing ‘fresh’ content for twice as many queries as before. It means that the impact of the new algorithm is double the previous figure.

It is uncertain how the new algorithm defines freshness. Experts say that it can call for unwanted spamming as webmasters may post the same content on a new page every two days, just to give it a fresh boost. It is said that the relevancy may decrease if freshness is rewarded. Google responded by saying that freshness is not the only factor that is going to affect the ranking, it is just one component. The content, topicality and quality will equally influence the search results.

The freshness announcement by Google did not reveal any details about the situation with Twitter. Since July, Google has been unable to crawl Twitter fast, as Twitter shut down its ‘fire hose’ of tweet data. This has affected Google’s real-time search service, but a solution to this problem is not yet announced by Google. It has only introduced a ranking change, and not an indexing change.

It was assumed by many that Google Panda update’s 12% impact would create 12% improvement, but it did not. 35% impact does not necessarily indicate 35% improved results. It is not an improvement metric, so it is better not to make presumptions.

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