Changes in Google’s Algorithm

Of late, Google’s constantly changing algorithm has had numerous updates. Google is always working to make their algorithm more user-friendly. Here, we have enlisted the improvements made by Google to provide better search results to its users.

  • Cross-language information retrieval update: Queries in certain languages have limited web content available. The new update will translate the relevant English pages and display the translated titles below the English titles in the search results. This feature was previously available at the bottom of a page in Korean. When a user clicks on translated titles, he will be guided to a page translated into the query language.
  • Snippets with more page content, less header content: This feature enables Google to pick text from the actual page content rather than using the text that it is a part of the header.
  • Better page titles on SERP: Google intends to generate page titles by de-duplicating boilerplate anchors and emphasizing less on boilerplate links with duplicated anchor text. This will result in content relevant titles.
  • Rich Snippets for applications: This will sport details like cost and user reviews in the search result and will be beneficial for users who are searching for software applications.
  • Retiring a signal in image search: Google has decided to retire a signal in Image Search related to images that have references from multiple documents on the web. This will stop Google from revisiting signals launched in the past which no longer have a significant impact.
  • Fresh results: This change, announced recently claims to impact 35% of total searches. Google aims at ranking content based on its freshness.
  • Refining official page detection: Google tries to provide the most relevant results to its users. This change will help Google to determine which pages are official and rank official websites higher on the SERP.
  • Due-date restricted queries: There is an improvement in due-date restricted queries to ensure that the users get the most relevant search results as per the date range specified by them.
  • Improvement in handling IME queries: This change improves how Autocomplete handles IME queries, which contain non-Latin characters.

These are some of the improvements in Google’s search algorithm; however, there are hundreds of more updates from Google on a regular basis. So, you need to keep reading to keep yourself updated about Google’s search algorithm changes.


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