Basics of Goal Setup in Google Analytics

Understanding Google Analytics can be a very tough task . However, once you get the gist of Google Analytics, analyzing data will be a lot simpler. To begin with, you should learn how to make Google Analytics work for you through Goal setup and configuration.

Your first step after login is to find where to set up goals. You can find most of the setup in Google Analytics behind the sprocket on the upper right hand corner of the page. Once you click on the sprocket, the page will display ‘Goals’ tab, where you have to choose the profile. You can choose 5 sets of goals with 5 goals in each set. However, please be careful while choosing goals as you cannot delete a goal. There are certain ways to setup a goal so that you can see a lot of information in one goal.

Let us consider the example of an e-commerce website. The 3 main questions to setups goals for an e-commerce website are: did the visitor search for something, did they add it to their cart and did they buy it. Though shopping cart is not used for all types of websites, it is a valuable resource to understand user behavior. Your first goal is to find how many people complete a quick search. After that, you will need to set up a goal for conversions.

After you set the goal to ‘active’ and give it a goal type, you need to enter the ultimate URL under ‘Goal Details.’ If your URLs are case sensitive, please check the box which asks for this information. If you run a lead-generation site and not an e-commerce website, you can set a value for every user that completes the goal. However, it is not recommended in the initial phase as goal setup can get confusing. You then have to check a box if you want to set the goal funnel. Here, you get to copy steps a user is likely to take to reach the goal. You can see each execution of that goal if you do not check the ‘required step’ box. Once you feel that you have mentioned all the essentials in the goal setup, click on save and witness the results.

If you follow the simple setup steps, you will automatically pave way to find important details of your website, the buying cycle and the selling process. It will also help you find areas of improvement on your website.


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One Response to Basics of Goal Setup in Google Analytics

  1. good article. I would, however, recommend that you give a dollar value to every goal you setup. This will enable one of the most powerful reporting features of Google Analytics – the $index. This alone should reduce analysis time by hours each month.

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