Search Results for Brands Embed Google+ Pages

The launch of Google+ Pages has received a great response from the world’s top 100 brands. 77 brands out of the top 100 have created their Google+ Pages to communicate with fans, the number shooting up from 61 brands last month. The number of users adding these brands to circles has increased by almost 50 percent in the past one month.
A comparative study of the top 100 brands’ Google+ Pages and Facebook Fan Pages revealed that Google+ has 148,000 fans whereas Facebook has 300 million fans for the same brand. Popular brands like Google, IBM and Vodafone have created a Google+ Page but do not have an official Facebook Page. The fan base for Pepsi is 20,000 on Google+. Though it is a small number as compared to 6.84 million fans on Facebook, Google+ is still in the initial phase and as a start this number is quite an achievement.
Google+ Pages is a move to merge search marketing position with social media marketing and most of the brands have realized it. If a brand wants to extend its social presence on the web, Google+ offers the best opportunity to do so. Google also allows brands to include one of their Pages as a part of their search and social strategy. Primary search results include a brand’s Google+ Page, along with its official website.
Some people consider that the above move could lead anti-trust woes for Google. Two US senators have asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Google further with regards to this. They feel that Google is seeking advantage of its dominant market position. They believe that a thorough investigation by the FTC will decide if Google’s practices abide by the laws or not.
Including Google+ Pages on the search engine result page is a smart move by Google; especially because 34 percent of Facebook Fan Pages referrals are driven by Google, Yahoo and Bing. However, if Google is abusing its dominant position in the market is not known clearly. There are numerous opposing views regarding this question but no matter what no one can deny the influence that Google has on internet users.


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