How to Go Beyond Social Networking Websites

Most of the businesses which invest in internet marketing are giving an increased importance to social media too. A lot of marketers are incorporating social media in their marketing strategies. As a matter of fact, companies that use Twitter have 2x more leads as compared to those which do not have Twitter profiles.

There are many ways in which you can leverage social media. If your social media marketing team is limited to social networking websites, you are missing out on a great deal of opportunities. Here, we have mentioned a few methods to increase the power of your social media campaign.

  • If you want to increase your social media presence, you will need to increase your reach. With a greater reach, you have more opportunity to reach potential customers. One of the greatest ways to do this is to add social follow buttons to your website. You can include these buttons on various parts of your website, such as the homepage, about us section, blog, contact us page, etc.
  • You can extend the reach of your content by using social sharing buttons. Including social sharing buttons ensures that the readers of the content on your websites share it with their network of friends and colleagues. Thus, you can reach those people who may not have heard of your company and your content.
  • You can include social media components in your email marketing messages. Including social sharing and follow buttons in your email marketing messages widens the reach of your email messages.
  • Twitter has launched a feature that allows you to embed tweets on your website. You can use this feature, which allows you to use this popular social network directly on your website and add embeddable tweets on your website.
  • Facebook offers many social plugins. You can choose the plugins which suit the nature of your business, from the large variety offered by Facebook. For a Facebook business page, you can install the Like box on your website.
  • Make sure that your existing customers are following you on the social networks. This will help you to share content to a larger audience and generate new leads and customers.
  • Email is not the only way to nurture leads. You can nurture leads through social media too. You can use some lead management software to gather information about your leads.
  • Social media is useful even after you pass on the leads to the sales team. You can train the sales team to use social media in their sales process.

Webmarketing123 can help you leverage Social Media to help you Convert Online visibility into Measurable Results


About Webmarketing123
Webmarketing123 is an internet marketing firm based in Emeryville, California. The firm helps business to gain better online visibility on various search engines. Other facilities provided by the company include Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Campaign Management and Online Reputation Management Servives.

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