On-Page Auditing: An Aid to SEO for Optimal Page Visibility

Major SEO’s fail to attract target traffic because they often neglect On-Page auditing. On-Page auditing can be done using any of the following 3 methods: manual editing, semi-automatic software and fully automated SEO platform. Of these, the fully automated SEO platform is the quickest and less time-consuming as compared to manual editing.

46 SEO professionals were surveyed to check how often they conducted on-page audits and their opinion about its usefulness. More than 50 percent of these professionals scrutinized their pages less than two times per month.

More than 11000 web pages were examined to get a fair idea of the relation between the number of times they were edited and the audit frequency. The audit frequency is very low, and if it is increases it will certainly turn the tables for their website’s optimization.

Manual auditing requires more man hours and man power. If 500 pages need to be examined manually, it will require almost 4 full-time resources to handle the job. The outcome is not cost efficient. The same applies for semi-automatic auditing, which can result in a narrower view of the on-page landscape. Even while using semi-automated software, 35 to 45 percent of auditing needs to be done manually.

87 percent of the surveyed SEO professionals believe that an automated SEO platform for on-page auditing will be more productive. 28 percent feel that they lack the tools to conduct audits on a regular basis. They said that they would conduct audits more frequently if they had the tools. More than three-fourth of the surveyed pros audit their pages less than once a week. If you want to visibly increase your page’s ranking, SEO’s should conduct on-page auditing frequently.